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This season at Hetre we have found a group of creative artists who have fostered the mentality of using sustainable and fair-trade methods to build a more eco-friendly fashion industry and products. Here are a selection of our new sustainable fashion brands. 


Alpaca products made in the Andean weaving communities in a variety of traditions. Pink Frazada focuses on initiating, supporting & continuing the handicraft traditions of the Andes region as well as the use of natural fibres and techniques of production. 

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Meher has achieved incredible style by remaining committed to her respect for tradition, empowering women, using sustainable and recycled material, limiting the use of toxic glue and most of all her love for fashion. 

 Meticulously sourced Arch4 cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia. The ultra-soft and warm material provides protection to the goats in the world’s most inhospitable terrains. 

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Fair trade is one of the three fundamental pillars VEJA is built on. Cotton and rubber are purchased directly from producers in Brazil.